You will remain our European family

· You may continue to use the UK website or NAD Lab EU. Prices have been reduced by UK VAT.
· All EU parcels are being received by customers with no issues but possible delays to a few countries.
· The standard DPD and local mail delivery service options have now returned.

EU Website & Distribution Center Now Open

Distribution Center in Europe

No additional charges and delays at customs.

All parcels will be shipped from the EU meaning a return to normal service.

EU Website

Prices in Euros and delivery charges adjusted for the change.

You can be confident of the total price going forward.

Ordering to Europe from NAD Lab UK

It is our mission to ensure your European service remains fast and convenient.

Here are some changes to expect:

The price you pay on the website will reduce

You will no longer pay UK VAT.

For example. when ordering:

1 x NMN Sublingual Tablets (240 x 125mg)

Current price including VAT = £129.95

The price will be reduced to £108.29 (VAT removed)

Your country's customs will charge VAT

No import duty to pay!

Once your parcel is dispatched, you will receive an email, from DHL or DPD, with the amount of VAT due and how to pay.

The total additional cost will be calculated as follows:

*Order total including delivery (not including VAT)*

+ VAT % (find out your country’s VAT rate by clicking here)

+ Processing Fee (£6 for DPD and £11 for DHL)

ZERO IMPORT DUTIES following the free trade deal

The total amount you pay should be around the same as pre Brexit (+/- 1 to 5 %)

This is the same process in place for all Worldwide shipments.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding.
We promise to work hard to keep service levels high.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us

Please contact us with any questions you may have and provide reliable advice. Our experts are on hand to answer the best we can.

We recommend you send complex questions by email so we can ensure the correct answer is provided.

+44 (0) 333 301 2123

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