Prostaphane Sulforaphane

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Nutrinov Prostaphane – the only dietary supplement on the market with free-form stabilised sulforaphane supplement.

  • One Prostaphane capsule contains 10mg of stabilised Sulforaphane equivalent to approximately 100g of raw broccoli
  • Sent via chilled temperature controlled recyclable packaging
  • Recommended to be stored in a refrigerated conditions (between +2°C and +8°C).
  • Contains no GMOs, artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or allergens
  • Suitable for vegans

Sulforaphane is a natural substance extracted from broccoli seeds. It is valued for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cellular protection properties.

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What is Prostaphane?

The health benefits of cruciferae intake (eg broccoli) are believed to come from the presence of sulfur compounds called glucosinolates, and more specifically from their hydrolysis products, isothiocyanates, including sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane was isolated in 1992 by Professor Paul Talalay of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. It is the main isothiocyanate from broccoli. A number of in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies have revealed interesting properties of sulforaphane, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions, as well as cell level protection. These qualities mean sulforaphane can contribute to proper functioning of the prostate.

There are several broccoli-based dietary supplements on the market. Most of them contain glucoraphanin, often under the misleading name “sulforaphane glucosinolate”. In fact, glucoraphanin is the molecular precursor of sulforaphane but is inactive in this form. This is why Nutrinov chose to develop Prostaphane® to provide a dietary supplement based on free-form stabilised sulforaphane, which, unlike other dietary supplements, is the active form of sulforaphane. One Prostaphane® capsule contains the equivalent of approximately 100g (3.5oz) of raw broccoli.

Sulforaphane in free form is very sensitive to temperature variation and is therefore very difficult to stabilise. Thanks to the Nutrinov laboratory’s drive for technological innovation, solutions were found, resulting in two specific patents.

Today, Prostaphane® is the only dietary supplement on the market with free-form stabilised sulforaphane.

Broccoli (brassica oleracea) seed extract titrated in sulforaphane, maltodextrin, vegetable capsule (hydroxy propyl methylcellulose), thickening agents: gum arabic and magnesium stearate.

For one capsule :
10 mg of free and stabilised sulforaphane [CH3-SO-(CH2)4-NCS] derived from
220 mg broccoli seeds (Brassica Oleracea)

One capsule contains the equivalent of 100g of raw broccoli.

Swallow Prostaphane® capsules, preferably with a glass of water, at mealtime. One to three capsules are recommended per day.

Prostaphane® is a food supplement and not a drug. It must not be used as a replacement for a varied, balanced diet and as a substitute of a healthy life style.

Seek the advice of your doctor or chemist if necessary.

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The natural sulforaphane contained in Prostaphane capsules is sensitive to heat, therefore keeping Prostaphane refrigerated preserves the qualities of the active ingredient.

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