Order NMN & NAD direct from Renue By Science and receive a 12% discount

You can continue to order Renue By Science NMN and NAD products for delivery to UK & Europe at a discount!

When buying from the US, the prices will lower but expect customs and VAT import duties to be charged. The price will therefore work out around the same in total.

*Please note: Renue By Science is a separate company from NAD Lab. We have been operating as a distributor of their products. For any customer service queries following your order with them, please contact support@renuebyscience.com
*Update: We have agreed with Renue By Science to provide a 12% discount code for their website, so you are able to continue to order their products direct from the US for a discount! See below for more details.

*Update: We have received confirmation the ban will remain in place, and NAD Lab UK will be closed on 12th December. We are very sorry for this.

Due to regulatory changes from the EFSA and UK authorities relating to NMN, the following products will become unavailable for purchase shortly from NAD Lab UK.

This does not mean NMN is unsafe – the 12 human studies released in 2021/22, 4+ years of sales history, and 100k+ happy customers are evidence of its effectiveness and safety. The authorities have advised NMN will need to undergo an authorisation process before being placed on the market. We have ensured the authorisation application is underway as soon as possible. No matter how we feel about this, it is what the current legal framework requires.

We hope to offer these products again to you in the future, once the authorisation process has been completed but it may be the end of 2023 or 2024. We appreciate your support and understanding. If you have any questions please contact us.

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Continue to order NMN & NAD from Renue By Science with a 12% discount!


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